Exploring Polyvore

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Polyvore. If you use Pinterest like myself, you probably would have seen this website around. I’ve always thought it was just a website which compiles items from shops all over the Internet and makes it an easy one-stop shop for people. I recently explored Polyvore a little further and discovered that you could use the app and actually create sets of outfits or home interior design or anything else you want and save them in your profile. How exciting! Since the discovery I’ve been spending hours on it and am totally in love with this app now.

It’s a great idea because all of the items you’ve liked would be saved under your “My items” and then you can easily create an outfit from there. You won’t have to visualise how your apparels would match with each other, and you could start a whole virtual wardrobe for your holiday outfits and/or seasonal outfits. If you’ve got an eye for fashion, you could also put together looks and styles and share your creations with your friends. There are also groups around which hold contests for outfits and home interior designs. It’s just a big brewing pot for creativity from all around the world!

Check out some of the looks I’ve created below!




4 thoughts on “Exploring Polyvore

  1. Mea says:

    i Love Polyvore, I’m on there like 24/7 what’s your username so that I can follow you? beautiful creations by the way :)

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Hi Mea! Polyvore is so awesome right!? When I first got the app I was spending so much time on it my phone battery drained out so quickly!! My username is blackroomgirl :) Thanks for the love, I really appreciate it <3 :)

      • Mea says:

        OMG yes, I was the same too lol Your Welcome :) I just followed you, I love your spring weekend collection btw.

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