Chinese New Year in Singaz #2

Yesterday was the first day of the Year of the Goat, and the Chinese celebrate by visiting their relatives to offer good wishes for the new year.

For bigger families, the younger siblings will usually gather at the eldest sibling’s places; wives will go with their husbands back to their parents’ places on the first day and have dinner there as well. The second day will be for visiting the wives’ families. In the Chinese culture, the men’s families ranks in priority over their wives’ families because once a woman is married to a man, she takes on his last name and has “left home” since she no longer takes on her father’s last name.

Both my parents are the younger siblings in their families so first day of CNY is usually a busy one for me, rushing from one place to another for visiting. One of the beliefs is that everyone has to be decked out in new clothes so that you don’t bring across the “baggage” from the prior year. I didn’t have much time for shopping in the month prior to my return, so my outfit was pretty simple.

OOTD! Top: Kookai, Jeans: ASOS, Necklace: H&M, Rings: Lovisa, Colette

I matched my outfit with these mules I got from Famous Footwear in Australia!

White mules

And this was how I did my make up for the day:

Make up look for the day

I’ve been really into the wine lip colour lately and use it whenever I’m in the dress up mood. I’m also using my new 3CE blush which I will be doing a review for soon :)

Remember how I mentioned in my previous post something about the Red Packets? This is a few of what I’ve collected during the first day:

Colourful packets of well wishes

Red packets have evolved with the times; they used to be red and if words were to be printed on them they would be in gold. In recent times, they have adopted more modern designs and even use colours such as yellow or pink. I really like the bright pink one in the middle!

It’s the second day today and I will be heading out soon for more visiting, snacking and chit chatting with cousins I only see once a year. Once in four years now. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed my little ootd and make up post, albeit a little short. As usual, subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram @hunnybunnysoph for more beauty and lifestyle updates :)

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend loves!



Caught the bug

So I’ve caught the flu bug and haven’t been feeling the best the last few days… hence the lack of updates. Sorry! I’ve missed blogging too but I’ve just been sleeping heaps and didn’t get up to much even on the weekend. On Thursday I even slept for about 12 hours! The weather has been pretty temperamental lately so guys please make sure you drink plenty of water, eat properly and get sufficient rest! Especially for those of you who will be celebrating Chinese New Year soon, it would be such a shame to be unwell over that period!

On Saturday morning I felt a little better though, so I was rolling around in bed and playing with my Polyvore app. Most of you must have heard of Polyvore already but if you haven’t, it is sooo super fun! I’ve been raving about it since I got onto it but have since put that enthusiasm under some control :P

Anyway, I was feeling a lil’ boho so I created this Bohemian styled outfit/look and thought I’d share it here :)


What do you guys think of it? Yay or nay?

Stay hydrated,


Accidental Shopping

Hello again!

So it seems like I’ve got more goodies to share with everyone again – all thanks to this!

Capture Priceline Promo

Priceline Promotion

Priceline was having a 40% promotion over 28 and 29 January 2015 and I had wanted to get a non-greasy moisturising lotion to replace the greasy one I had in the office, so I made a note to visit Priceline after my gym session.

Upon reaching Priceline, I saw that there was a neat little crowd within the Skincare section, predominantly Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese ladies, with their boyfriends/husbands hanging around behind awkwardly trying not to block the aisle. They were specifically huddled over the shelves of Trilogy, Sukin and A’Kin products which were on the opposite side of my Cetaphil shelf.  I’ve heard of these products before but have not used them before nor have any friends who are users of these products.

So the curious/nosy (read: kaypoh) Singaporean in me led me to squeeze through the little crowd and check out what the hype was about. I also noted that there was a poor sales assistant amongst the crowd who was having issues trying to stock up the shelves and I could tell she was getting exasperated! Poor thing. After half an hour of poring over product descriptions and sampling tester products, I eventually left with these:


My Priceline skincare haul!

I got a Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream, Trilogy Eye Contour Cream and a box of Nügg Face Masks just for fun. I almost got a bottle of Trilogy Rosehip Oil as well but I figured I should try out the two Trilogy products and see what it does for my skin before getting another item from the same brand. Upon checking out product reviews on the internet the next day, I was very pleased to find out that these have been highly rated by many users in Australia and overseas. I know my sequence of events is not in the right place but I didn’t have time to be checking out reviews while being stuck in the crowd haha.

My mom has been trying to get me into the habit of using night creams and eye creams to combat my aging skin but I haven’t been successful in keeping the routine going because 1) it is such a hassle, 2) I am lazy and 3) I hate the heavy, oily feeling that night creams do to my skin. But users of the two Trilogy creams I bought have commended them for being lightweight and refreshing, above all the other benefits they got from the products and I’m now really excited to try them out! I’ll do up a post once I’ve started using them to see if they are really like what the reviews say about them :)

I eventually left Carousel and came home with these:


So much white!

You know how some of us go through phases in which we seem to be more attracted to clothes of a particular colour? Like a colour of the moment? I think white is my colour of the moment now… I seem to be checking out too many white apparels!

Anyway, I got the two tops from Valleygirl which was next door to Priceline, cause they were having a 50% sale on ALL their apparel. How could I give that a miss? These two tops only set me back by a mere $6.45 so I was pretty proud of myself. As for the mules, I got them from Famous Footwear as I was walking to my car to leave Carousel. Got them for only $20 and they’re sooo comfortable! Mules are great because they don’t give the back of my ankles blisters and they’re easy to put on and take off. I’m already planning to bring them back with me when I return to Singapore for Chinese New Year in about 3 weeks time. Will put up an outfit post when I wear them in Singaz! I’m kinda excited about the trip cos I haven’t been back for CNY in about 3 years. Hello bak kwa and pineapple tarts! Stay tuned :)