Award: The Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award

Yay I got nominated for another award and it was by the lovely Kaui from Kaui From Maui! She had really awesome bloggers in her nominations and I’m so happy to be included in her list. Thanks Kaui! :’) Kaui blogs about a wide variety of topics from beauty to travel and social issues, it’s so interesting reading her blog cos it’s like reading a magazine haha!

The Rules

Display the Award logo on your blog.

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

Nominate 7 other bloggers and say a little something about them.

Let them know they have been nominated.

My Nominees

1. Confetti and Curves – Karen’s blog is simply amazing – she writes about beauty, fashion and weddings because she used to be in the wedding industry. She has a “Behind the Blog” feature which is wildly successful and great idea helping her readers connect with newer bloggers. Karen has also recently ventured into making her own Youtube videos and although she only has two videos now, she’s incredibly good for a beginner Youtuber!

 2. Julllla – Jenna is a young beauty and fashion blogger who just turned 18 recently. She often shares her favourite clothing brands and fashion styles, as well as her fashion inspirations. She also writes about fashion events and the latest runway trends.

3. Dream and Dazzle – Diana writes about beauty and makeup, from reviews and hauls to make up tutorials. Her blog is quite new but she has a good variety of posts to date, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her posts :)

4. Ryane Zamora Beauty – Ryane Zamora is a relatively new blogger and blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She also shares interesting posts once in a while, such as gift ideas or home/interior decoration ideas.

5. Best Day Blogger – Maria’s blog covers a wide range of topics from beauty and makeup reviews, to health and fitness and even to recipes! I enjoy reading her make up reviews because she usually reviews products that are less common.

6.  MarieCrz – Marie is also a blogger with many diverse interests – she writes about beauty, health and fashion mainly. She is also immensely talented in art, you have to check out her collection of drawings!

7.  HannahKimberley22 – Hannah writes mostly on beauty and she recently did a 14 day make up favourites challenge on her blog. I learnt so much about which brands are good for which make up items and it was fun reading about her favourites. She also posts beauty advice from time to time and I love that her blog is so easy to read.

I hope that I’ve helped some of you discover other amazing blogs that you can read too! There are so many more beautiful blogs out there, it was difficult to select only 7 nominees. I’m looking forward to discovering new blogs from my nominees’ nominations :)


13 thoughts on “Award: The Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Karen Rees says:

    Awwwh Soph thank you so very much huni for thinking of me, I’m so touched by your kind words, that really does mean so very much!!! You’ve said such lovely things about us all, you really are too kind <3 Massive congrats on your award (you deserve so many of them!!) & thank you SO SO much for nominating me – I'm beyond grateful *hugs* Karen XXXX

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