March Motivation Series #3: 7 Great Ways To Kickstart Your Morning

Welcome to the third installment of the March Motivation series!

I’m sure every one of us has had mornings when we wake up feeling like we got knocked down by a bus, or just generally not feeling like the day’s going to turn out right (hence getting out the wrong side of the bed) and indeed, we encounter a few more hiccups when the day is barely halfway over. And we also would have had mornings when we’re just going about doing our own thing when a neighbour or stranger walks by and greets you with a megawatt smile, and we feel like our day is off to a good start.

Clearly getting ourselves in a positive mood helps to make your day turn out better. When we are in a negative mood, we tend to take a neutral event that happens to us in a negative way and the opposite is also true. So what are some of the ways we can psyche ourselves up for a great day ahead?

*At this point I will have to include a disclaimer, that I do not do all of the below every single morning, but I do practice more than half of what I’m sharing and found them to work for me :)

Kickstart your morning

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1. Say Good Morning to yourself – Greet yourself the way you would to a neighbour or stranger on the streets. You’ll be surprised at how a chirpy greeting would brighten up your morning. Plus you’ll probably laugh at yourself looking silly anyway and that laughter is just what we need!

2. Think 3 good thoughts – These could be things you could look forward to for the day, or just how great the weather is or even just thanking God that you have a job. Positive thoughts help to put you in a better mood to start the day right :)

3. Drink a glass of water – Or two! It is proven that drinking a glass or two of water in the morning after waking up helps to activate your internal organs. You could also add lemon if you wish, lemon is a natural energizer so they’re great in the mornings too.

4. Eat breakfast – This does not have to be a full breakfast with bacon, eggs and the works, you could just have a simple peanut butter and banana sandwich or a bowl of muesli. Tip: Make breakfast muesli cups the night before and store them in the fridge overnight. You can take them out and have it to go in the morning if you’re in a rush. Saves time and money :)

5. Exercise outdoors – These could be light exercises such as walking in the park. Taking in fresh air in the morning energizes and freshens you up for the day ahead. Nature always look better in the morning sunlight so why not begin your morning with a beautiful view?

6. Read an inspirational or motivational book – It does not have to be an entire book; a chapter or a few pages would do just fine. You could also be reading blogs for ideas or listening to motivational podcasts. The best part? You can do these while you’re commuting in the morning so you make the most of your time, especially if you spend a long time in commute!

7. Get prepared the night before – I like to prepare for my day the night before – getting my work clothes ready, a simple to-do list for what I expect to be doing and even preparing next day’s lunch. When I get everything sorted out the night before, my mornings are usually more relaxed instead of being in a rush to leave the house on time, or worse, being flustered and in panic after realising I forgot things when I’m already halfway on my journey to work.

Are you already doing some of the above? What else do you do in your morning routine to psyche yourself for the day ahead? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts with me :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post and have an awesome week ahead!


9 thoughts on “March Motivation Series #3: 7 Great Ways To Kickstart Your Morning

  1. Lourdes @ Tribeloco says:

    My morning routine has not been so great. I recently wrote a post about starting a new one (haven’t started yet, but I have so many changes to make. LOL. Baby steps.). I love how yours includes “Say good morning to yourself.” :)

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Hello Lourdes! That’s good that you’ve at least thought out a new morning routine, old habits take a while to change, I remember reading somewhere that it takes 21 days for a habit to form :) Baby steps is the way to go! I’d love to hear about how you’re going with your new morning routine in say about a month! Blogging about it or telling someone sort of makes you accountable for it so you don’t slack off :P Hehe glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. The Simple Beginner says:

    I love love love this Soph!! :D I’ll be sure to start these as soon as possible. Such creativity and fun motivation tips! Thanks for sharing :) Do you do all of these too?

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Hehehe I’m so happy you love this so much! You’re very welcome :) :) Haha I don’t do all of it every morning except for #3, #4 and #7 cos they’re sort of in my daily routine :D #1 sometimes and #2 most mornings, #5 more during the weekends, I’m not one to workout before work >< #6 is also almost always the weekends or if I'm having an easy morning at work :D

      • The Simple Beginner says:

        At least you’ve got most of them into your routine! Such an inspiration :) I still can’t find my motivation to workout. I don’t like reps and I’ve tried joining a sport but I never have the confidence to actually do the sport, if that makes sense? Lol.

      • hunnybunnysoph says:

        Haha my motivation probably comes from vanity more than any other. I know what you mean, I don’t play sports well in general! The only team sport I play (used to) is touch rugby but I’m pretty uncoordinated for the other team sports, so I’ve only been doing solo sports like running. Maybe you can consider dancing! It’s fun and you get a good work out too :D

      • The Simple Beginner says:

        Dancing? Oh no. Not for me. Definitely not for me lol. I’m very much uncoordinated! I have two left feet! I think I’ll stick to solo sports like running too or fast paced walking haha!! ;D

      • hunnybunnysoph says:

        Hahah I tried to learn hiphop once when I was younger and the sight of my clumsy dancing in front of the mirror was the horror! So envious of people who can do it so effortlessly, I just look like a bear stomping around. Yeah running’s good, or you can get a friend to hit the gym with you! Gym classes are fun and suits people of all fitness levels :D

      • The Simple Beginner says:

        That’s true but I actually get self-conscious in the gym lol so I think I’ll stick to running around my suburb or doing ‘exercises’ with my partner at his house.

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