Review: ModelCo Mineral Powder Foundation

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I did a product review. There are a series of products I will be writing up reviews for as shown in the picture below, and today I will start with something I bought recently – the ModelCo Mineral Powder Foundation.

Prior to this I have never used mineral powder foundation my whole life, despite reading all the rave reviews about BareMinerals and the benefits of mineral make up. I’ve always wanted to try them out but something that keeps holding me back is how messy mineral powder foundation in general seems to be. I have a bit of an OCD and my room is carpeted so I’d hate to get any powder onto it ><

So I was online shopping one day and saw that this mineral powder from ModelCo is on sale and thought it might be good for me to give it a go. If I like using mineral powder foundation then I will get one from a better brand such as Nude by Nature or BareMinerals.

This is what the product claims to offer:

The ModelCo Mineral Powder only comes in two shade options: 01 Nude and 02 Medium Beige. That’s not a very wide range of shades to select from, given how diverse the Australian population is. I chose the shade 01 Nude.

My order came with a free mini Kabuki brush which is meant to retail at A$12 on its own. The normal retail price of the mineral powder foundation alone is A$26 on the ModelCo website. I think I got mine for A$15.

ModelCo Mineral Powder Foundation

ModelCo Mineral Powder Foundation and the mini kabuki brush

The mineral powder came in a clear plastic container with a plastic cap which you are supposed to tap the powder into before application. I was kind of expecting the cap to have perforations like the BareMinerals Original Foundation but was a little disappointed it wasn’t the case. Knowing the clumsy me, what if I lost control of my container and half of mineral powder came out and spilled all over!? But so far I haven’t had any mishaps so it’s good :)

ModelCo Mineral Powder Foundation

The back of the packaging

The back of the packaging has instructions on how to apply mineral powder foundation. It was not until about two weeks of using this that I discovered the instructions the back! Before that I had to search Youtube videos on how to apply mineral powder foundation. What a noob I am ><

I use the free mini kabuki brush for applying my mineral powder foundation, and found that it was quite scratchy at the start. But after washing my brush the first time, the hairs on the brush became so soft and now it feels great to apply my mineral powder foundation. However if you already have a kabuki brush you love using for putting on mineral powder, I would strongly encourage you to stick to that.

The mineral powder foundation is very lightweight and the shade is not too light on my skin tone (phew!). I would say its coverage is light and could be built up to a medium coverage. The above before photo was taken after I applied primer. I did not have concealer on in both photos. As you can see, it covers up the redness and some blemishes on my face.

So what do I think of it?

This product has delivered what it claims to offer: it evened out my skin tone and provided decent coverage with a matte finish. I have rather sensitive skin and have not had any problems with this so I would say they are right about this being ideal for people with sensitive skin.

I use this for my everyday office make up and it has decent lasting power. My make up usually starts to fade after about 2pm. If you are one who wears make up daily and likes to have it light and natural, or wants to give mineral make up a go without breaking the bank, this is a good product for an introduction to mineral makeup.

As to whether I will repurchase this product after it finishes, I probably will not buy it at the full retail price, given the limited shades available. This has eased me well into the world of mineral make up, but I would like to try the other mineral make up options before deciding which is my holy grail product.

Rating: 3.5/5

Thanks for reading my review! Have you tried this product before? What do you think of it? Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Happy hump day everyone~



23 thoughts on “Review: ModelCo Mineral Powder Foundation

  1. lifeisaud says:

    I love mineral makeup! It’s so much better for your skin then the liquid foundations. I used to swear by bare minerals. I liked it because it stayed on all day, covered well and even if I forgot to take my makeup off at night I knew there was no harm. I’m like you though lol I actually have spilled the containers twice now! I started selling a Younique and I bought the touch mineral powder foundation and I like that more because it’s in a compact like powder but it has the same effect as loose mineral makeup. I think the coverage looks more natural to.

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Hehe oh dear I would be so upset if I really did spill the powder! Mess for me to clean up and less makeup left for me >< Mineral make up in compact form is like the best of both worlds! Hehe I haven't heard much about Younique's products before, will you be doing a review of the foundation? :)

      • lifeisaud says:

        I love their makeup, it so high quality. It is on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. I decided to become a rep when I tried the 3-d mascara because i have tiny lashes and this mascara made them explode! Plus I got a huge kit when I signed up and then I also get free makeup plus extra cash. So it’s a win-win-win for me lol! I have almost every product they’ve made so I’m getting around to reviewing everything still but I’ll do a foundation tutorial soon!

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Thanks Silvia! It was a coincidence that I started using mineral foundation during summer but it definitely was a good thing for me! Feels like my pores can finally breathe haha. Thanks for the nomination!! That’s so sweet of you, I’ll hop over now! :)

  2. Christiana says:

    That looks great on you. Very lightweight and natural. Pity about the container, though. Sounds precarious…

    I used to love the AVON (‘Smooth Minerals’ I think it was called) mineral powder foundation – which came in a handier packaging for an equally low price. Have just purchased their new ‘Calming Effects’ one (it arrived today) and can’t wait to try it out.

    Bare Minerals and Tarte are also on my radar. Guess I’ll have to try them all, before I decide on a favorite ;)

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Hehe thanks Christiana! Oohh I’m definitely keeping an eye out for your review on the Calming Effects foundation! I don’t think I’ve seen reviews on the Tarte mineral foundation yet though, now you’ve piqued my interest in that one :P

  3. StyledWithJoy says:

    Mineral makeup was my first makeup. I feel like I should go back to it now that my skin isn’t totally full of blemishes. It never irritated my sensitive skin either. Did you try BareMinerals? That’s the brand that started it all for me! The coverage is good for you since it evens out the skin tone and your skin is good and clear!

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Nope I haven’t tried BM yet but I’m starting to think I should! I keep reading about how their mineral foundation could be built up to get full coverage (really???) and I just can’t imagine it. It’s a good idea to go back to it if your skin has kind of settled down, since you’d probably wanna keep it that way :D

  4. The Simple Beginner says:

    I can definitely see it in the ‘after’ photo. Very natural :) ps. Where did you get your white heart shaped plate? It’s quite pretty.

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Thanks Jan! :) It’s a Marie Claire homeware I got that from House in one of the Westfield malls here, not sure if you guys have that homeware shop too? It’s meant to be an appetiser plate but I don’t make appetisers so it became a make-up display plate haha!

      • The Simple Beginner says:

        Yeah we have the store House here. I might go check it out then :) I love how appetiser plates or any plates / bowls are meant for eating but people make use of it for something else! Lol.

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