March Motivation Series #2: 6 Daily Habits For Success

Hiya lovelies!

Welcome to Part Two of my March Motivation Series. In Part One, we talked about how to-do lists help us organise our time and what we can do to actually complete tasks on our to-do lists. Good time management is one of the reasons how some people get so much more done in their day and achieve more than others.

For those in the working world, you would have heard of the saying, “If you want the part, you have to dress/look the part”. Dressing the part wouldn’t be too difficult, but only dressing the part is not going to make you appear like a motivated and successful individual every day.

There are a plethora of books out there that teaches you what to do to become successful, or biographies of successful people that aim to discover what is that special thing that made them successful. What these people have in common is that they did some things that are right for them, and they did it with consistency.

A consistent action is what we call a habit, and good habits are exactly what puts us in better stead on the road to success. I once read from an article that habits take 21 days to take form. It’s debatable whether that is truth but I think we can all agree that bad habits are much easier to pick up and much more difficult to kick than the good habits.

I’m definitely guilty of having bad habits, and have more of them in the past than at present. It will not be easy to break out of the bad habits at the start, but with discipline and focus on the thought of good habits laying the path to your success, you will get better with time.

Success mean different things to everyone and certain “good habits” might work for one person but not another. Nevertheless I would like to share some of the habits I follow on a daily basis now, and hopefully some of these might inspire you to make that change :) I like to keep things simple and uncomplicated, so here are my 6 daily habits:

My manifesto

#1 Schedule your time – This sounds very basic, but scheduling time helps me know when to do what, and how much time I have left to slot in various activities. When I am sure that nothing else needs to be attended to for the day, well that’s all TV and blogsurfing time then ;)

#2 Always try to finish your to-do list – One of my motivations for finishing my to-do list is striking off completed tasks. It’s so therapeutic!

#3 Get sufficient rest and wake up at the same time everyday – I used to sleep in on the weekends so much that half the day would have been gone by the time I was out of bed. Now I allow myself some sleep luxury but set the alarm clock even on the weekend so that I don’t overdo it and still get things done during my weekend.

#4 Keep a gratitude journal – I have a gratitude journal from Kikki K, in which I write three things I’m grateful for everyday. It helps me appreciate the simple things I have and keeps me motivated to achieve bigger things :)

#5 Exercise, drink plenty of water and eat right – Maintaining your body in good condition is so important especially when you are going about your day trying to make the most out of every minute. Getting exercise and eating right not only keeps me in good physical shape, they combat lethargy as well so I can go further.

#6 Create personal time – I find that setting time aside to do the things I like helps me to recharge and stay happy. When my emotional and mental health is in good shape, I can focus better on tasks at hand.

And there you go, 6 simple daily habits you can choose from to incorporate into your day :) What are some of the daily habits you do that help you stay motivated and smash goals? Please share them with me in the comment box below. You might have something I can learn from!



21 thoughts on “March Motivation Series #2: 6 Daily Habits For Success

  1. The Simple Beginner says:

    Thanks Soph for the motivation! Number 5 – I should do more often and number 6, nowadays it seems so hard to make personal time when there seems to be little time in the day… That’s when time management comes into play! Haha.

    • hunnybunnysoph says:

      Hehe you’re welcome Jan! I know what you mean, there are some days I just don’t have time for myself too. I try not to let it happen too often, and perhaps sneak pockets of time to enjoy myself. I like singing in the car while I’m running errands! :D

      • The Simple Beginner says:

        Haha, yes!! Singing in the car is great even though people might think you’re talking to yourself or on the phone via bluetooth or something! :D :D

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