Hello March!

So it seems like I’ve gone on a hiatus unannounced with my trip back to Singapore. I got caught up with meeting up with old friends and relatives that time just flew by without my knowledge :( And now that I’m back in sunny Oz (for now anyway) I spent the last few days getting some housekeeping done so that my life can still go on as normal. Finally done with the less exciting stuff now so hurray!

Onto some more exciting news…I actually came up with quite a few blog post ideas which I kept notes of while I was away, and for the month of March I’ve decided to do a weekly series in addition to my usual beauty posts, and it is called March Motivation!

March Motivation cover banner

This series of posts will be up once a week starting from next week (9/3/15) and will dabble in various topics that aim to help you find ways to motivate yourselves. I came up with this idea because I found myself enjoying articles on improving mental and general well-being, tips and tricks for saving time and/or increasing productivity and the like. While everyone has their own ways in managing their lives, I thought there must be some of you out there who would love to hear about the other ways you could possibly do to get that extra boost of motivation when you need it :) I’m really excited about this series and will be looking forward to hear your thoughts with the first post next week!

In the mean time I’ll be organising my beauty buys from Singapore for a haul post soon.. I know there was meant to be a February Haul Part Two but it seems like it might need to be renamed as March Beauty Haul now ><

Have a lovely weekend!

With love,



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