Scents: By Rosie Jane

I’m not usually a big perfume kinda girl and it is difficult finding one that I fall in love with at first whiff. Because of this, when I DO find a fragrance that I love and don’t get sick of, I stick to it. Right now I have just about 3 different perfumes that I use depending on the occasion – a daily one for work, two that I rotate around for dates/weekends.

About two years ago I got introduced to this brand called By Rosie Jane. It was founded by American celebrity makeup artist Rosie Johnston and I would say it is still a growing brand. However I wouldn’t be surprised if people currently using their products are extremely loyal to the brand because the scent is just amazing. I know I will be using their scents for a long time to come; I’ve already gotten my second bottle of the Leila Lou perfume oil after finishing my first Leila Lou EDP.

By Rosie Jane only has two scents at the moment, Leila Lou as the first fragrance and Tilly as the second that was launched in February 2014. The Leila Lou scent is available as a perfume oil, a eau de parfum, a soy candle, a body lotion and a body wash. Tilly being the newer scent, is currently only available as a perfume oil and a soy candle.

I am absolutely in love with the Leila Lou scent and how long lasting it is as a perfume oil! It is definitely a plus knowing that I can give the oil a roll under my ears and on my wrists in the morning and that keeps me smelling heavenly right till the late afternoon. Already thinking of getting the soy candle so that glorious scent stays in my bedroom.

I know some of you might think it is rather pointless gushing about a scent because there isn’t much I can do to show you how great it is since scent is an abstract thing. But this is just too big a gem that’s very underrated so I thought I’d write something about it to share with everyone :)

When it comes to evaluating fragrances, it is very much a personal one so the best way is to get a whiff of it on your own. I found on the website where they are available at – they seem very well stocked in the US so if you live in the US and have not given this a scent a go, do consider going by their counter/shelf and checking them out. For my non-US readers, their international retailers are only restricted to ones located in Canada, Australia, Macau and Vietnam at the moment unfortunately, although there are a few online retailers who stock their fragrances too.

I really hope they become available in more countries soon, especially Asia and Europe because I think Leila Lou is such a simple but lovely scent, and they go a very long way too.

Do you have a fragrance which you are extremely loyal to and think deserve more mention than what they currently have? I’d love to discover new indie scents (at least to me) through you :)

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!




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