Chinese New Year in Singaz #2

Yesterday was the first day of the Year of the Goat, and the Chinese celebrate by visiting their relatives to offer good wishes for the new year.

For bigger families, the younger siblings will usually gather at the eldest sibling’s places; wives will go with their husbands back to their parents’ places on the first day and have dinner there as well. The second day will be for visiting the wives’ families. In the Chinese culture, the men’s families ranks in priority over their wives’ families because once a woman is married to a man, she takes on his last name and has “left home” since she no longer takes on her father’s last name.

Both my parents are the younger siblings in their families so first day of CNY is usually a busy one for me, rushing from one place to another for visiting. One of the beliefs is that everyone has to be decked out in new clothes so that you don’t bring across the “baggage” from the prior year. I didn’t have much time for shopping in the month prior to my return, so my outfit was pretty simple.

OOTD! Top: Kookai, Jeans: ASOS, Necklace: H&M, Rings: Lovisa, Colette

I matched my outfit with these mules I got from Famous Footwear in Australia!

White mules

And this was how I did my make up for the day:

Make up look for the day

I’ve been really into the wine lip colour lately and use it whenever I’m in the dress up mood. I’m also using my new 3CE blush which I will be doing a review for soon :)

Remember how I mentioned in my previous post something about the Red Packets? This is a few of what I’ve collected during the first day:

Colourful packets of well wishes

Red packets have evolved with the times; they used to be red and if words were to be printed on them they would be in gold. In recent times, they have adopted more modern designs and even use colours such as yellow or pink. I really like the bright pink one in the middle!

It’s the second day today and I will be heading out soon for more visiting, snacking and chit chatting with cousins I only see once a year. Once in four years now. Lol.

I hope you enjoyed my little ootd and make up post, albeit a little short. As usual, subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram @hunnybunnysoph for more beauty and lifestyle updates :)

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend loves!




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