Giants, Basketball and a Heap of Clothes

Hi everyone!

How has your week started out? I’ve been meaning to update with a review of some of my purchases but I had too much going on over the weekend just past :(

So I went to see the Giants show at the Perth Festival, it was amazing!! I took quite a few photos which I will upload to my travel blog soon, but here’s a sneak peek for you guys:

I was also at the basketball game between the Perth Wildcats and New Zealand Breakers, that was totally spectacular! I did not expect such a close game at all, the scores were neck to neck pretty much the entire time. You couldn’t tell who would eventually win the game, even right up to the very last second. The game went into overtime twice and just when everyone thought the Wildcats won the game by a point with their last penalty shoot, Cedric Jackson of Breakers threw a random shot from half court and scored. You wouldn’t believe how stunned the crowd was and everyone on the court was as well. What are the odds! His shot went in at the last few milliseconds so the referees decided that it was valid and declared the NZ Breakers the winner. The poor Wildcats…

Perth Wildcats vs New Zealand Breakers

No prizes for guessing what I did with the rest of my time… packing for my upcoming trip back home to Singapore. I had heaps to pack even though I’m only going to be back for a little less than two weeks. About a third are things people requested me to bring over for them so… this was what it looked like:

Glad that 90% of everything is now packed and I’m almost ready for my flight home tomorrow night :) I’ve got a few beauty products to share with you over the next week or so, and also something fun for the month of March. Will blog more about it soon. Till next time huns :)




Let me know your thoughts!

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