CNY colours

Lunar New Year for the Chinese is coming up really quickly (starts on the 19 Feb 2015), and as some of you might know, I am flying back to Singapore in a week’s time to celebrate CNY with my family and friends! I have spent Chinese New Year in Perth for the last three years and it really just isn’t the same as back home. I used to dislike hearing every other shop blasting tacky CNY music but I’m actually missing them now. The festive mood is lacking so much here, but it is kinda expected of a small town with an even smaller Chinatown and only a moderate population of Asian Chinese. I miss being able to visit my friends and the social gambling and not forgetting tossing the yeesang! That is an activity every South-east Asian does at least once in the entire Chinese New Year period.

So while I’m dreaming and salivating at the thought of the wonderful, delicious and authentic CNY goodies that I’ll finally be able to have, I’ve also made a note to pretty myself up for my trip back home… starting with my nails!


These are the colours I will be wearing on my nails for CNY 2015, a beautiful shade of bright pink by Kit Cosmetics for my fingernails and a shimmery bright red colour by Etude House for my toes. I chose them not only because they are very suitable for the season (red is an auspicious colour) but also cause they go well with summer here in Australia. I love how the bright pink complements my skin tone and gives a nice pop of colour to my outfits :)

What colours will you be sporting during this Chinese New Year?


Let me know your thoughts!

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