Caught the bug

So I’ve caught the flu bug and haven’t been feeling the best the last few days… hence the lack of updates. Sorry! I’ve missed blogging too but I’ve just been sleeping heaps and didn’t get up to much even on the weekend. On Thursday I even slept for about 12 hours! The weather has been pretty temperamental lately so guys please make sure you drink plenty of water, eat properly and get sufficient rest! Especially for those of you who will be celebrating Chinese New Year soon, it would be such a shame to be unwell over that period!

On Saturday morning I felt a little better though, so I was rolling around in bed and playing with my Polyvore app. Most of you must have heard of Polyvore already but if you haven’t, it is sooo super fun! I’ve been raving about it since I got onto it but have since put that enthusiasm under some control :P

Anyway, I was feeling a lil’ boho so I created this Bohemian styled outfit/look and thought I’d share it here :)


What do you guys think of it? Yay or nay?

Stay hydrated,



Let me know your thoughts!

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