ModelCo makeup haul

I’m so excited to say that I’ve received my package for the make up items I purchased a week ago! There were quite a few items I wanted to try because the online reviews seemed pretty good, like the ModelCo Powerstick Duo Foundation as well as the ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick. I’m actually thinking of trying them out over the coming Australia Day long weekend cause I’ve got some plans lined up and will be able to doll up :)

Almost everything ModelCo!

Almost everything ModelCo!

I’ve been wanting to try out mineral makeup for a while and since the store I ordered the items from was having a sale, I thought why not try the ModelCo Mineral Powder Natural Foundation while I’m at it? I got it in the shade 01 Nude, hopefully it isn’t too light for my skin. I’ll definitely blog about it once I’ve tried it. I’ve all along been using either compact powder foundations or BB creams, so I’m rather new with mineral powder (it looks like it’ll get messy!) and the stick foundation I mentioned above.

I also did get a nice clear make up organiser to store my ever-growing make up collection. It was just enough to put most of the stuff I use frequently, including make up brushes. I am however, thinking of going to IKEA to grab one of these pot plant holders and use them as my brush holder:

Another use of the Ikea pot plant holders!

Another use of the Ikea pot plant holders!

They’re not only cheap but looks amazing too! I’m totally in love with the lace-looking detail and when I saw them at Ikea the first time I almost bought one even though I didn’t have any pot plants to put in them. Now I’ve found the perfect use for them. Yaaay! If you’d like to read more about other ingenious ways of using IKEA items, you can find out in the article here.

It’s been a long day at work and the gym after, so I’m gonna have an early night tonight. Till next time!

Sweet dreams,



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